Auto-Gruppen – EMtron Sweden distributor

Our main Sweden distributor, Auto-Gruppen and its owner has been in motorsport business since 2005. Well equipped, with Dynojet 424Lc2 LINX, there is no project that is not addressed in a proper way. Not only that they are great tuners, but in the past 5 years they expanded with a motorsport wiring section, building of motorsport grade harnesses with base CAN configurations and base maps for start-up. Their own test team and test mule, Mitsubishi Evo IX, are used for all development.

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In 2023, we only expect the best of them. Here is a short list of main contenders in European Time Attack series:

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our-newest-sweden-dealer-auto-gruppen_ecu-standalone_emtron-europe-shop_ (4)

The list goes in all the other motorsports categories. More than worth to mention is that in their facility they have engine building, gearbox rebuild, paintbox, wheel alignment with corner weight PLUS a fabrication and welding room for Aluminium, Stainless steel and Titanium.

View Auto Gruppen on Facebook – and on Instagram (@autogruppenab).

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