I+D Motorsport – EMtron Spain distributor

Spain. The country of tradition and passion. And what place better to represent the tradition and passion, than Pamplona. The city where Inazio Dufur makes magic in his shop of wonders. Started in 2000, as a part time tuner, until 2015. when I+D Motorsport was established and he continued full time job on race cars.  A lot of experience in programming and using different brands of ecu’s made him very versatile and flexible tuner. In 2019 I+D Motorsport starts with Emtron for the first time, making Osella prototype for Spanish hillclimb championship. From then on, Emtron is the choice for all the cars he is working on.

Exceptional engine and gearbox building skills, made him preferred BMW builder and tuner, for all the M badged engines, S14, S50, S54 and S65.

I+D Motorsport also builds harnesses and programs the most complicated integrated CANBus systems in race vehicles.

Some insight from the garage

Emtron Europe

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