Mad Max Auto Centre – EMtron Malta distributor

MadMax Auto Centre – EMtron Malta

The story of our Maltese dealer started 10 years ago. With strong dedication to drag scene, a lot of superb results were achieved on various ECU’s used. Some of these are listed below, together with a pictures of the cars in action. Years of track experience finally needed the proper solution for all the incoming cars with highest demands. Three years ago, Christian, man behind the keyboard, finally finished his long lasted goal. He opened MadMax Auto Centre, a place for every Maltese car enthusiast and racer, whether it is a drag or circuit guy. With racing  Mitsubishi Evo, used for testing the ideas and technology used on customer’s cars, the team from Mad Max is always prepared for the highest challenges in front of them.

Fully equipped garage with Maha dynometer, wire harness building knowledge, engine and gearbox building and tuning of stock cars, Mad Max Auto Centre is definitely the place to visit.

Here are the results of various MadMax cars:

Toyota Starlet 8.93sec@155mph FWD World record holder
Sierra with 2JZ 7.83sec@179mph
Sierra Cosworth 8.70@153mph street legal
Toyota Starlet 1.3T 9.52s street legal
Nissan SR20 Dragster 6.55 @207mph
Superstreet Hayabusa 7.002s@204mph

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