This harness is constructed using Tefzel wire which is a high quality cable used in Aerospace, Automotive, Motorsports and Military industries. It is known for its low resistance, high strength, light weight extreme thermal capabilities. The harness is covered in DR25  tubing which is a diesel and heat resistant tubing.  These are used in vehicles where corrosive fuels are used. The Raychem DR25- tubing is known to be effectively used in military vehicles as it helps protect wiring harnesses from the potential damage that can be caused by abrasive oils and fuels. This harness suits the GM LS3 engine with Electronic Throttle. It has the plug to suit the factory accelerator pedal and additional I/O in both the interior and engine bay terminated in Deutsch Connectors. The harness also has the Bosch LSU 4.9 connectors to allow for the sensors to be plugged directly into the harness without the need for additional wiring.

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