Emtron is proud to offer the race edition of our open ended 250thou thermocouple.  EGTs are designed to monitor exhaust gas temperature and are useful in monitoring engine health and for tuning individual cylinders. Traditionally open ended thermocouples have provided incredibly fast response times at the expense of long term reliability. The new Emtron 250 Open Ended Race Thermocouple has been designed to not only provide incredibly fast response but also to be durable in the most extreme motorsport conditions. You now have the ability to observe an individual cylinder miss fire while having reliability in the sensor. We recommend sensor placement to be 4 inches from the exhaust valve centreline (on 4 strokes) and have the sensor end 1/4 of an inch into the exhaust stream. These have been tested on 12,000hp drag vehicles with heat cycles up to 2,000 degrees fahrenheit.

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